Financial Solutions

Credible makes your finances behave in the demanding world of behavioral health. Credible’s deep knowledge of this industry helps it solve real-world challenges, such as managing money daily. 

CredibleBHCredibleBH financial software assists you in starting up your business quickly, smoothly, and correctly. Their services include configuration, payer testing, training, and even helping you close your first month’s books. At the same time, they oversee rate changes, payer changes, and new billing initiatives for state and federal governments. Furthermore, Credible provides online webinars and a monthly newsletter outlining current and upcoming state and federal initiatives. The following are some of the capabilities of Financial Solutions:

Outsourced Billing: Credible can work inside your organization to ensure reliable, accurate, timely billing services with complete transparency for a deeper, more intrinsic relationship. Working with you side-by-side, they can help with all of your billing and payer issues firsthand and resolve them immediately.

CredibleBH-Financial-Solutions99.5% clean bill rate: Credible Partners consistently increases clean bill rates by using the billing module and following CredibleBH best practices. They also batch during daytime hours without a limit on the number of batches per day. The company’s goal is to improve your billable services while reducing your payment cycle. 

No matter if it is the end of the quarter or the end of the day, you’re able to see your organization’s financial status in real-time, even as you’re walking your last patient out the door. Thus, you can make all your decisions in real-time using accurate and up-to-date data to back them up.